Position: Visitor Center Coordinator (Part-Time)

Location: Desert Mountain Visitor Center, 2900 American Legion, Mountain Home, ID

Application Deadline: March 19th, 2021

Salary: Starting at $12.00 per hour

Responsible To: The Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director.


Position Summary:

To manage the day-to-day operations of the Desert Mountain Visitor Center. This position will represent the Chamber of Commerce on a variety of information including local Idaho travel, tourism, and recreation.


Job Interactions:

This role interacts with the Chamber of Commerce staff, Visitor Center volunteers, the general public, and will be an active representative of the Chamber of Commerce Travel and Tourism Committee. Externally, you will be asked to brief and exchange correspondence with funding entities, including city and county leaders.


General Responsibilities:

  • Assist visitors in a professional manner while remaining informed of events, activities, and accommodations within the local region.
  • Maintain accounts receivable and accounts payable logs, daily receipts and follow financial protocols set forth by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Maintain gift shop, merchandise orders, and stocking appropriate brochures regarding the local region.
  • Coordinate with the Chamber Staff and Travel & Tourism Committee to ensure outside partners and organizations have the reports needed for funding and reporting.
  • Recruit, train, and provide ongoing supervision of the volunteers and community service workers.
  • Maintain the Visitors Center social media pages which provide the public with local information, events, and gift shop promotions.
  • Maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the Visitor Center.

To Apply:

Drop off resume at the Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce Office located at 205 N. 3rd. E, Mountain Home, Idaho or email resume to Chamber@mountainhomechamber.com.



For questions regarding this position, please call 208.587.4334 or email chamber@mountainhomechamber.com.