Mountains, desert, history and the future are the heart of this high-desert community.

In the early 1800’s this region was touted by the historic journey of Lewis and Clark, fur trappers and explorers. Fur trappers found animals in abundance and the fur trade industry took over the region. Later, in the 1840’s settlers passed through on their way to California and Oregon, following trails along the Snake River. As time continued to pass, travelers became settlers and they began mining the land for silver, lead, and quartz. In the 1860’s as the cattle ranchers and sheepherders turned to the region and the Basque culture grew. 

Today, Idahoans find a richness in our unique canyon land and pristine wilderness. The Mountain Home region is a boundless playground for people who love the outdoors and our geological wonders.

Mountain Home is now an area noted for its agricultural production, dairy farms and family owned ranches. The famous potatoes, sugar beets, barley, wheat, corn and hay are major crops you can see growing in the fields. 

Fast-paced or slow-paced, Mountain Home will suit your particular lifestyle. This hard working community continues to add and improve amenities, annually. Golf, tennis, swim, pitch horseshoes, or take a leisurely stroll through one of our 17+ parks. We also have an excellent variety of lodging available – hotels, motels, campgrounds and RV parks.

You’ll find large-city conveniences concentrated in a small-town, friendly atmosphere. Visit the museum, mural art-walk, variety of restaurants, boutique shops, wineries, and breweries.

For more information on our region or for assistance with your travel plans, contact the Desert Mountain Visitors Center at (208) 587-4464.