On September 30th, 2021 the Air Force Appreciation Day (AFAD) Committee hosted a free food truck rally at
Mountain Home Air Force Base (MHAFB). With the support of local sponsors and boosters, the AFAD
Committee served over 700 active-duty members, retirees and families.

After months of planning the 61st Annual AFAD celebration, the local health care crisis began to rise in the
community and the committee had to make the decision to cancel most of the traditional events of Air
Force Appreciation Day. The AFAD Fun Run was able to continue with just over 40 participants and
raised $1,200 for the MHAFB Officer Spouses Club Scholarship Program. Mountain Home
Community Canvas and the Mountain Home High School Artopia Club also partnered with the AFAD
Committee and painted storefronts of local businesses.

The committee also reached out to local sponsors and boosters, who had donated to the previously
planned event, and the overwhelming response was to keep the donation and host an appreciation
event at MHAFB for all military members. The committee called all food vendors scheduled for AFAD
and four vendors came out to the MHAFB and served the 366th Gunfighters and their families.

The AFAD Committee would like to thank all of our local sponsors and boosters for their continued
support in Air Force Appreciation Day. It is unfortunate we couldn’t all gather again but thank you for
your partnerships in helping us show the Air Force that our community appreciates all that do and the
sacrifices that they made.

For more information contact the Chamber of Commerce office, 208.587.4334.