First Brewing Company to Come to Mountain Home: Blue Pit Brewing

The Chamber of Commerce welcomed Blue Pit Brewing to the community on October 16th. Owner, Jeff Paridis main focus is providing quality distinctive beers for guests with discerning tastes. Jeff and his staff make all visitors feel like a welcomed family, where all the focus remains on sharing exquisite pints over casual conversation. They strive to be the place where people come to relax with friends, unwind after a long day, and enjoy great beer. 

“We seek to create memories, while elevating the beer scene.”

Jeff started homebrewing about 15 years ago when his mother in law bought him a “Mr. Beer” kit. From there it naturally progressed. Friends and family all loved theBlue Pit beer (as all good friends would). They kept encouraging him and it never left his mind. He decided to put his military career behind him and created an exit plan– Open a brewery! With a lot of support from his wife, Melissa, they scouted the “Cottonwood Collective” with the help of Courney Lewis at the Mountain Home Economic Development office.

“We currently have 5 beers on tap which will be the year round beers, with 3 empty taps yet to be filled with future brews. The five beers currently are the Gunfighter Blonde, (an Idaho blonde made with Idaho malt and hops), The Shocker (jalapeno ale), Wonder Dog (Dry Rye Pale Ale), Lucky Dog (IPA), and the PitBull Porter on Nitro.”

They are pet friendly, as we chose the name Blue Pit Brewing after our beloved Pinot (blue pocket pit). Sadly, she passed from Lymphoma at only 4 years of age.  They currently have 2 other blue bullies– Barley and Citra. Barley is about 2 years old, and Citra is about 4.5 months old. Citra frequents the brewery on the weekends and will be their brewery mascot.

Blue Pit Brewing is located at 230 N. 2nd E. in Mountain Home. Visit their Facebook page for more information and daily hours of operations,